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Houghton Lake United Methodist Preschool
-Christian environment, licensed
-AM and PM classes

M-T  Th-F All Day

Bussing and Meals provided

                        preschool@hlumc.com  989-387-9039



We are grateful to all our volunteer helpers, donors, sponsors and friends who worked so hard and gave much to make the launch of our new preschool. May God bless each one and let us rejoice in what God has achieved through all our prayer and effort!






Meet the Director : Kristy Carrick Myers

Born and raised in Houghton Lake, Kristy has more than 11 years experience as a preschool director and teacher. She says, "I would like to direct others to unlock the treasure of education, so every child can discover their true potential. I am a very active advocate for the education of young children. Jesus wants the little children to come to him; I strive to make the children want to." 


Meet Lynn Brindley :  Classroom Assistant      
I have worked with children most all of my adult life.     Being around the little children makes my life full.  I enjoy helping them to learn and I love the feeling of when their "light bulb" goes on and they "get it".  Children bring such joy to my life!




GSRP Teacher: Stephanie Robison 


 I was raised in Houghton Lake. I am a 2007 graduate from Houghton Lake HS and earned a bachelors degree in elementary education from Saginaw Valley. I believe that today's kids are the future and I love that I get to be in on the ground floor of their education.  Every day it amazes me the energy and sprit that the kids bring with them to school. Seeing them excited about learning makes me even more enthused about being their teacher. Currently I am working on my masterís degree in early childhood education.  



GSRP Assistant: Emmily Perry 


I started working with kids when I was 9 years old, teaching Sunday School.  I've always loved working with kids, whether it was in a school setting or taking care of them in their own home.  The kids keep me young and have so much to offer.  I just hope  that I can give back to them as much joy that they give me!









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